Therapy in Charlotte
That Thinks Beyond Normal

Charlotte is a place to thrive.
We'll help you.

Get to Your Version of Great

We believe you can do even better than “normal.”

Getting to great is deceptively simple, yet powerful. Once there, you will have the necessary resources to face life’s challenges with resourcefulness, calm, tenacity, and enduring compassion for yourself.

Recognizing your strengths and worth will take persistence.

It also requires therapists in Charlotte who believe that the therapy process should not be a mystery.


We'll Collaborate
With You.

Success in therapy is based on active collaboration with your therapist.

Seeking a 'Charlotte Therapist Near Me'? 

Working well with your therapist in the South End Charlotte NC is crucial to success.  Nearly 100 years of scientific study -- and decades of our own experience -- show that effective therapy is based on shared goals and vision. 

Knowing this, we invest in building a warm, respectful, and trusting cooperation with our clients.

First Steps

We take the mystery
out of starting with us.

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Personalized Therapy Near Me In Charlotte NC

Before starting our Charlotte psychotherapy practice, we searched for more than seven years for scientifically-based methods and smart technology to increase our effectiveness as therapists.  

Nothing existed that was to our standards, so we invented a technology that allows us to individualize therapy treatment just for you.


Data integrated into therapy means people do better and stay better.


Life After Therapy With Us

100% support from us every step of the way - from the beginning and even after the end.

We Challenge Traditional Definitions of Concluding Therapy

At the end of therapy, we hope that your symptoms will have mostly gone away and you will have developed an enduring appreciation for your strengths and understanding of yourself as a person.

In the future, we would hope to be involved in assisting you when things feel shaky or when you are focused on even greater things.