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Most U.S. adults will spend the majority of their time at work, yet over half the percentage of adults in the United States are unhappy in their jobs. Because job stress can lead to mental health problems like anxiety and depression, finding a fulfilling career is integral to your mental health.

When navigating your career choices or finding a new job feels overwhelming, career counseling can help. Career development is much more than deciding on a major or a new job—it’s a lifelong process, according to the National Career Development Association. Career counseling can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to confidently make future career decisions.

Career Counseling in Charlotte

What is career counseling?

Career counseling, also known as career guidance, is a type of counseling designed to help individuals choose, change, or leave their careers. Career counseling is valuable for people of all ages—from adolescence through adulthood.

Career counselors are therapists, life coaches, or professional mentors trained to provide career resources, discuss career development, and administer aptitude tests. High school or college students might see a guidance counselor or visit a career assessment center before graduation. Still, career counseling can help anyone interested in changing careers or exploring new career opportunities.

Some key benefits of career counseling include:

  • Access to career resources. If you’re thinking about going back to school or pursuing a new certification, career counseling can provide you with the resources you need to expand your occupational skills.
  • Economic gains. Career counseling can help you confidently negotiate your salary, manage times of unemployment, and promote more productive behaviors on the job. If you’re not satisfied with your current career, your counselor can help you seek new career opportunities.
  • Mental wellness. Both in-person and online counseling can help you feel more satisfied with your career and home life. Counseling can help reduce stress, combat burnout, boost social functioning, and promote positive mental health.

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What should you expect during counseling sessions?

During a career counseling session, your career counselor will help you understand your preferences, skills, and strengths. In addition, you’ll be able to consider different education levels, gain insight into continuing your education, and learn more about your personality type.

During your first session, your counselor may administer an IQ test, aptitude test, or personality test to identify your strengths, which can help you during the career exploration process. For example, many career counselors administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help individuals determine potential career options based on their personality traits.

Some topics and career questions you might discuss during a career counseling session include:

  • Your particular skills, talents, preferences, and strengths
  • Your preferred daily working environment
  • The potential earnings of different career paths
  • The professional standards of different careers
  • Opportunities for advancement in your current career
  • Your long-term goals regarding professional development
  • Specific challenges you face in your current career such as work stress, burnout, or other mental health challenges

Some professional career counselors may offer insight into career services and job search resources. If you’re feeling unsatisfied in your current position, your career counselor can help you take steps to negotiate your salary, pursue education for professional development, or find a more fulfilling career.

Who needs career counseling?

Career development is a lifelong process. Even if your current career feels like a good fit, career counseling is a useful tool for everyone—from high school seniors and college alumni to adults experienced in the world of work. The earlier you start making intentional decisions about your career journey, the more prepared you’ll be.

In particular, prospective clients who may benefit from career counseling include:

  • High school students applying to college
  • College students deciding on a major
  • Anyone returning to the workforce after an extended time away, i.e., veterans
  • Anyone who feels dissatisfied in their current career

Career Counseling in Charlotte

Whether you’re searching for new career opportunities, struggling to come up with career plans, or ready for a career change, career counseling can make all the difference. Ultimately, all counseling professionals take different approaches to counseling and finding a good match can help you make the most of your counseling sessions.

To find the right match, reach out to a mental health professional through The Therapy Group of Charlotte. We know that navigating career choices is hard work—and our qualified, licensed counselors are here to help you every step of the way. One of our compassionate, experienced psychotherapists will help you explore your career goals, connect you to career resources, and find the right career path.

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