How to Find a Trauma Therapist in Charlotte

After a traumatic experience, it’s completely normal to struggle with intense symptoms of trauma, from painful memories to nightmares. These symptoms can feel debilitating, often leading individuals with trauma to rely on unhealthy coping strategies, such as social withdrawal or drug use.

Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are healthy ways to cope with trauma and overcome emotional distress. Trauma therapy can reduce the intensity of your trauma symptoms and help you develop positive coping skills so you can live a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

To get the most out of your trauma treatment, it’s crucial to find a therapist with experience in trauma and recovery. Here’s how to start your search for a compassionate, qualified trauma therapist in Charlotte.

Trauma Therapist in Charlotte

Check out local trauma-informed organizations.

Living with trauma can feel overwhelming, but local organizations can provide a valuable source of support. If you’re having trouble confiding in close friends or family members, consider contacting a local organization specializing in advice and support for individuals with mental illnesses, such as NAMI Charlotte.

Local organizations can also provide referrals to trauma therapists, and some organizations may provide trauma therapy for different types of trauma. Some local resources for Charlotte residents are below:

  • The Greater Charlotte Hope Line (980-771-4673) offers free, confidential advice for Charlotte residents who need assistance with family issues, domestic violence, or sexual assault.
  • The Sexual Trauma Resource Center offers support groups for adolescents and adults and safety planning and trauma counseling.
  • The Rebound Behavioral Health Center offers PTSD treatment, including inpatient treatment and detox programs, for individuals in Charlotte.

Research online mental health directories.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking your health care provider for a referral, online therapist directories can help you find a trauma therapist based on your preferences and location. The following resources can help you find a local trauma counselor, therapist, or mental health provider:

Ready for an appointment?

Use an online therapy platform.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, using an online therapy platform can help you find the right match while taking the stress out of your search for a trauma therapist. Instead of sorting through countless mental health providers, scheduling initial consultations, and commuting to different therapists’ offices, online therapy offers a simple, convenient way to access mental health treatment from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll need to find an online therapy platform with licensed therapists in North Carolina to start the treatment process. At the Therapy Group of Charlotte, we match every client to licensed therapists based on their unique preferences and requirements. Whether you’re navigating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), experiencing emotional trauma, or struggling with negative thoughts, we’ll connect you to an experienced therapist with who you feel comfortable.

Compassionate Trauma Therapy in Charlotte

Every person should feel comfortable with their therapist, but creating a safe space during therapy sessions is especially important for individuals with PTSD and trauma-related psychological distress. According to the American Psychological Association, your therapeutic relationship—the relationship between you and your therapist—can have long-lasting positive impacts on your mental well-being, even after trauma treatment ends.

To find the right fit, reach out to a licensed therapist through the Therapy Group of Charlotte. We know that searching for a trauma therapist can feel like a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way, from scheduling your first appointment to exploring different forms of treatment.

Our compassionate trauma therapists will provide a safe space to help you address your mental health concerns, overcome your trauma symptoms, and jump-start the healing process.

A Personalized Approach to Therapy

You want to feel better and make lasting change. We aim to make that happen.

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