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Sep 02, 2021
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Feb 07, 2022
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.

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Enhancing Mental Health through Exercise: A Guide for Charlotte...
Boost mental health with exercise - discover the benefits of physical activity for depression, anxiety, and...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Coping with Pregnancy Loss
Coping with pregnancy loss and the emotions of miscarriage grief. Discover effective ways to cope with...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
What Is the Importance of LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy?
The LGBTQIA community often faces challenges that can have an impact on mental health. We offer...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
What Is Career Counseling?
From understanding the basics of career counseling to embracing its holistic approach, discover how counseling can...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
The Benefits of Couples Therapy
Do you and your spouse or partner need help strengthening your relationship? Couples therapy offers many...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Signs Therapy is Not Working
Navigate your therapy journey with the Therapy Group of Charlotte. Identify signs therapy is not working,...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
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